Uniting people with local farmers and artisans so we can eat, live and love better.

A Few of Our Partners

Many of our local farmers are multi-generational. So they have long histories of nourishing the communities we serve and a personal stake in protecting the land for future generations. Using safe, sustainable farming practices, they work in harmony with nature so that their produce, their humanely raised livestock, and their customers all thrive.

We also partner with local food artisans who craft fresh, handmade fare from wholesome ingredients. That’s why their prepared foods are delicious and nutritious on top of being convenient.

Whenever you shop our online farmers market, you can learn more about the farmer or artisan who produced each item that’s offered. You can see for yourself the positive impact that they – and you – are making. Because as a Seasonal Roots member, you’re not just getting yummy food. You’re supporting the livelihoods of our local partners, now and for years to come.

Here’s a sample of some of the caring farmers and artisans we partner with.