Delivering seasonal goodness for a happier, healthier life.

Delivering seasonal goodness for a happier, healthier life.

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Spring Season:

Strawberries & Spinach

Strawberries & Spinach
so crunchy!

Welcome to Seasonal Roots, your online farmers market.

Whether you’re a long time member or a curious newbie, there’s so much to love about Seasonal Roots.

How It Works

We deliver to many areas in Virginia and Maryland. Find out if we deliver to you:


Enjoy a weekly custom box with your choice of:

Local Produce

Local Produce

Artisan Goods

Artisan Goods

Everyday Essentials

Everyday Essentials

Because the seasons change, so do our offerings. That means we’ve always got new and exciting things to share. See what’s in store for you this season!

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Spring Delights

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Spring Delights

Why eat seasonally?

Quite simply, you get the best tasting food with the most nutrition possible all from local farmers close to you. That means you’re not only eating better, but supporting the people in your community and helping the environment too.

How It Works

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The box is delivered right to my front door. There's lots of other yummy add-ins as well, from fresh local meat to baked goods. It's like a farmer's market right to my door. It's helped us eat healthy (except for a few really incredible baked goods).
Great fresh produce that you can customize weekly and is delivered to your door. It is so EASY and there are lots of great options for extras, such as eggs, soup, meat, salsas, and baked goods--including vegan and gluten free options.
I have been with Seasonal Roots for almost 3 years. It is flexible, convenient and most of all, the food is fresh and delicious and I am supporting local and small businesses! Eating fresh, small farmed produce and vegetables is a win for everyone.
The quality of the produce is much fresher and better than you get in any grocery store, even the organic food stores.
LOVE Seasonal Roots' community minded local business appeal with the convenience of delivery to your door of whatever items you want!
The fresh produce, baked/fresh artisan goods from regional local establishments, easy ordering or skipping a week or two if you're away! Prior to the lockdown - I didn't eat too many vegetables & fruits a week, now I enjoy something daily. I totally love having the box delivered to my door.
I love Seasonal Roots. The produce is super fresh and stays fresh. I also appreciate the ready made items such as hummus, lasagna, and steamed shrimp. All of their food is a treat.
I have recently found a wonderful way to get fresh veggies and fruit and I must say I wish I would have known about this a long time ago.
Great produce, good selection, easy to swap items for a custom box, and plenty of other options to add on. They have consistent and very courteous service. Can’t recommend them enough.
Seasonal Roots Online Farmers Market

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