Flores Farm
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Flores Farm

Hague, VA
Flores Farm

On 50 acres on Virginia’s Northern Neck, the Flores family grows a jaw-dropping array of vegetables and fruits. Many are unique or inspired by their Mexican heritage, and all are packed with flavor.

That’s because the Floreses only harvest their produce when it naturally turns ripe. And because they plant something new every week throughout the growing season, there’s always something ripe and ready for picking and eating.

Gerardo grew up on a farm, so according to his son Omar, he has the knowledge and experience to run the farm with help from his wife, three adult children, and their families. Omar helps with planting and delivery and farmers markets.

But the Floreses’ favorite part of farming is this: Knowing they’re feeding people and making them happy with food that tastes better than anything they can buy at the supermarket.

Flores Farm Provides:
beets • beans • cabbage • cherry tomatoes • chives of all kinds • corn • cucumbers • daikon • greens of all kinds • herbs • lettuces • onions of all kinds • peppers of all kinds, including 15 hot ones! • potatoes • purslane • radishes • squashes
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We don’t do the mono-crop type of farming like the big corporate farming operations. We grow a variety of produce on our land, side by side with open fields of wildflowers, so we’ve got a pretty healthy ecosystem. We live right there on the farm and my wife and I have two small children, so we want it to be healthy and safe for all of us.