Thinking about joining Seasonal Roots?

Thinking about joining Seasonal Roots?

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About the Seasonal Roots Membership

Go Local!

Members customize their orders online, shopping a range of the freshest local produce, meats, eggs, dairy, and artisan goods. Easy access to healthful seasonal foods is good for you, good for your community, and good for the planet. Through Seasonal Roots, members support local small businesses and sustainable, humane farming, all while protecting the environment.

Our Online Farmers Market is open weekends from Friday at 2pm – Sunday at 11:59pm. Members can customize their order each week or choose to skip.

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Membership Basics

How Does it Work?

Simply place your order online over the weekend and your local Market Manager will deliver your box of seasonal goodness the next week on either Wednesday or Thursday depending on your area. Eating seasonally has never been so easy. View our How it Works video to Learn More.

What Comes in My Box?

That’s up to you! Depending on your box size, you’ll automatically get your choice of Easy Box (5 types of seasonal produce), Family Box (8 types of seasonal produce) or the Veggie Lovers Box (11 types of seasonal produce).

Every week, our community farmers and food artisans offer up nearly 200 items to choose from. In addition to fresh local produce, you can shop for unique artisan goods, easy everyday essentials and more. As the seasons change, so do our offerings. That means we’ve always got new and exciting things to share.

Learn more about what is available in the Seasonal Roots online farmers market here.

How Do I Place an Order?

Members simply log-in to the menu here when the market is open from Friday at 2pm until Sunday 11:59pm. Choose which items you’d like to include in your Default Box. You can swap out one or all of your box items so that you get exactly what you want.

Next, you can use different tabs within the menu to choose from a variety of artisan goods and everyday essentials. More information about how to order is available here.

When members are logged in they can manage other preferences including weekly or biweekly deliveries and/or schedule weeks they want to skip.

We accept Mastercard and Visa.

How Much Does Membership Cost?

There is a 1x sign up fee of $50 for the first year. We do offer promo codes from time to time which you can enter when you sign up. Each year, there is a $35 renewal fee.

For orders, we recommend going with a weekly custom box size based on your home (or office) needs. We have three boxes available, all of which include unlimited customization options:

Easy Box (small) – Your choice of 5 types of seasonal produce ($29.50)
Family Box (medium) – Your choice of 8 types of seasonal produce ($39.50)
Veggie Lover Box (big) – Your choice of 11 types of seasonal produce ($45.50)

Recently due to rising costs, we have added a $4 delivery fee.

You can skip weeks and/or pause your membership.

Learn more about how Seasonal Roots works here.

Do You Offer a Guarantee?

Yes! If you want to at least receive an order (or a few) to give us a try, we do offer a 30-day money back guarantee on your membership. If you find that we are not a good fit for your household after interacting with the menu and receiving some orders, you can cancel your account online within the first 30 days. A quick email letting us know you’ve cancelled will start the process of issuing you a refund for the membership fee you paid.

If you are dissatisfied with an ordered item, we have a simple process that notifies us you need a free replacement or an account credit.

Do I Need to be Home for Delivery?

No, you do not need to be home for delivery. Please leave out a cooler each week so that we can transfer your produce and other box items into it. Add ice packs year round to keep items cool until you are ready to unpack. Coolers are helpful to keep critters and weather out and allows up to keep and reuse the boxes.

How is the Seasonal Roots Experience Different?

Does Seasonal Roots Ship My Order?

Unlike a national corporation, our partners and team members live in, and are committed to, the neighborhoods we serve and will personally drop off your order. Together, we share a collective vision of making better food options accessible. This makes a positive impact on our local economy, the global environment, and our individual quality of life.

Learn more about the Seasonal Roots partners here.

What Does Local Mean?

Seasonal Roots offers items sourced from local farmers, artisans, and bakers.

There’s no official definition for “local food” or “regional food.” We consider “local food” to be any food grown or made within about 150 miles. Anything that’s outside that range, but can still get to us within a day or so of harvest without flying, we call “regional food.”

While we are local fanatics, we also recognize the value of regional specialists. We sometimes go beyond our 150 mile radius to offer select seafood favorites and citrus fruits. We always make it clear where each item on our menu is grown or made, and it’s easy to swap out a regional item for a local one. Whatever your choice, we’re here to support you.

Learn more about local food vs. regional food vs. food from far far away here.

Where does Seasonal Roots Source From?

Our farmers are local folks committed to producing quality food in a sustainable, humane way. Some of our family farmers specialize in one crop. Others grow dozens of different crops, or raise pastured chickens, pigs, cows, and steers. They’re all about what’s good for you and good for the planet. Get to know them when you place your weekly order — just click on each menu item to learn who grew it and where.

Our artisans are people in the community who specialize in your favorite farmers market fare. They include coffee roasters, bakers, bee keepers and tofu makers. These talented craftspeople offer something for everyone – from locally-supplied coffee, chocolate and Kombucha to gluten-free and vegan options. Get to know them when you place your weekly order — just click on each menu item to learn who made it and where.

Learn more about Seasonal Roots’ farmers and artisans here.


Are There Environmental Benefits of Choosing Seasonal Roots?

Seasonal Roots uses minimal packaging and reuses boxes to reduce waste.

Sourcing locally helps reduce our carbon footprint. Local food doesn’t travel as far as most food you find in the grocery store.

Supporting local farmers also saves nearby farms from getting paved over and developed. That’s especially helpful when you’re saving small family farms, because they farm differently from factory farms.

Factory farms plant miles and miles of monocrops. That’s unnatural, and it forces them to fight nature with more pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

The family farmers Seasonal Roots sources from use sustainable methods that work with nature. Sustainable methods create healthy ecosystems that are good for the soil, water, and air – a rich patchwork of fields, meadows, woods, and ponds. That kind of greenspace actually takes carbon out of the atmosphere. Plus it’s the perfect habitat for wildlife.

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