Sion House Farm
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Sion House Farm

Farnham, VA
Sion House Farm

Sion House Farm started in 2015 when father-son duo Jack and Justin McKenney built their first hydroponic greenhouses on a pasture that had been in the family 100 years. As the McKenneys added field crops, those spring seedlings would get the traditional head start inside a greenhouse before being transplanted outside.

Meanwhile the hydroponic greenhouses operate year-round for continuous lettuce harvests and multiple rounds of cucumbers and tomatoes. These crops are fed nutrient-rich water instead of growing in soil, a process that uses 10 times less water while protection from outdoor perils eliminates the need for herbicides and harsh pesticides.

And if pests do manage to get in? During an aphid infestation the McKenneys simply sicced ladybugs on them by releasing the little ladies in the greenhouse. Ladybugs think aphids are delicious.

Before farming, Jack was a retired banker and Justin was in oil well servicing. The farm was a dream come true – for them, and for anyone who tastes their produce.

Sion House Farm Provides:
bell peppers • cantalopes • cucumbers, English & Persian • green beans • lettuces • mushrooms • potatoes • pumpkins • sweet potatoes • tomatoes
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You really can eat seasonally here in the mid-Atlantic and eat well, especially when you combine what’s locally available from the field with local hydroponic produce. Hydroponics are exceptionally clean, safe, flavorful, and good for you. And good for the environment, too.