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About Seasonal Roots

What is Seasonal Roots?

Seasonal Roots is an online farmers market delivering seasonal goodness for a healthier, happier life. We offer a weekly custom box with your choice of fresh local produce, unique artisan goods, easy everyday essentials and more.

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Why eat seasonally?

Quite simply, you get the best tasting food with the most nutrition possible all from local farmers close to you. That means you’re not only eating better, but supporting the people in your community and helping the environment too.

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How does Seasonal Roots differ from other similar services?

Unlike a national corporation, our partners and team members live in, and are committed to, the neighborhoods we serve. Together, we share a collective vision of making better food options accessible to everyone. This makes a positive impact on our local economy, the global environment, and our individual quality of life.

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How long has Seasonal Roots been around?

In 2011, Seasonal Roots (formerly The Farm Table) began uniting people in Virginia and Maryland with local farmers and artisans to cultivate a community that not only eats better, but lives better too. We’re excited that our community continues to grow and that more people are understanding the benefits of eating seasonally.

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How It Works

Is there a cost to join Seasonal Roots?

Yes. When you sign up to be a member, an initial fee of $50 gives you access to our online farmers market for a full year where you can enjoy a weekly custom box of fresh local produce, unique artisan goods and more.

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Is there a recommended box to get started?

We recommend going with a weekly custom box size based on your home (or office) needs. We have three boxes available, all of which include unlimited customization options:

Easy Box (small) – Your choice of 5 types of seasonal produce ($29.50)
Family Box (medium) – Your choice of 8 types of seasonal produce ($39.50)
Veggie Lover Box (big) – Your choice of 11 types of seasonal produce ($45.50)

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What comes in my weekly custom box?

That’s up to you! Depending on your box size, you’ll automatically get your choice of 5, 8 or 11 types of seasonal produce. Every week, our community farmers and food artisans offer up nearly 200 items to choose from. In addition to fresh local produce, you can shop for unique artisan goods, easy everyday essentials and more. Because the seasons change, so do our offerings. That means we’ve always got new and exciting things to share.

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Is there a minimum order?

The Easy Box is considered the minimum order for members which includes your choice of 5 types of farm-fresh seasonal produce ($29.50). Every order starts with your selection of a weekly custom box and includes delivery by our Veggie Fairies. There is a $4 delivery fee for each order.

Learn more about our signature “Dirt To Doorstep” delivery here.

Can I pause or cancel my membership?

Yes, there’s no commitment. You can pause or cancel your membership at any time. We have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you join and decide we aren’t the right fit, you can cancel within your first 30 days and receive a full refund of the membership fee.

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Do you deliver to my area?

We sure hope so! We deliver to many areas in Virginia & Maryland.

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What days do you deliver?

To maximize freshness, all harvesting, cooking, and baking is timed to our delivery days. Depending on where you live (or work), you’ll receive your weekly custom box on either Wednesday or Thursday via our signature “dirt to doorstep” delivery by our Veggie Fairies.

Fredericksburg, VA
Montgomery County, MD
Northern Virginia

Hampton Roads, VA
Richmond, VA
Virginia Beach, VA
Williamsburg, VA

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Do you use couriers or shipping?

No. We’re proud that as a member, you’ll receive the personal care and attention of your very own Market Manager (a.k.a. Veggie Fairy) who delivers your box of seasonal goodness straight to your doorstep every week (never shipped). Seasonal Roots is a community and unlike a national corporation, we live in, and are committed to, the neighborhoods we serve. We charge a nominal fee of $4 for the delivery of each order.

If you have questions, contact support@seasonalroots.com or your Market Manager.

Can I skip a delivery?

Of course! You can skip orders as often as you like and it’s easy to schedule weeks in advance. Whether you’ll be out of town, still have produce left over, or prefer to receive deliveries every other week, it’s your decision to make. Simply make any changes or updates to your account each week before 11:59pm on Sunday night.

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Or, find out about how members can manage delivery preferences on our blog here.

Do I have to be home for delivery?

No. You don’t need to be home for delivery. Just leave out a cold cooler (with ice packs or ice) that’s big enough to hold your order. This ensures your fresh local food is protected from the elements and hungry critters. Please note that we cannot guarantee the quality of your order without a clean, cold cooler.

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Our Farmers & Artisans

Are you truly organic?

Many of our farmers follow the standards of USDA organic, as well as the old school definition of organic. These farming families are multi-generational with a long history of providing for the communities in the areas we serve. Because they have a personal stake in protecting the land for future generations, they use safe, sustainable farming practices to grow their food as nature intended. We also partner with local food artisans, who craft fresh, handmade fare from wholesome ingredients.

Learn more about Seasonal Roots’ partners here.

Are you truly local?

There’s no official definition for “local food” or “regional food.” We consider “local food” to be any food grown or made within about 150 miles. Anything that’s outside that range, but can still get to us within a day or so of harvest without flying, we call “regional food.”

While we are local fanatics, we also recognize the value of regional specialists. We sometimes go beyond our 150 mile radius to offer select seafood favorites and citrus fruits. We always make it clear where each item on our menu is grown or made, and it’s easy to swap out a regional item for a local one. Whatever your choice, we’re here to support you.

Learn more about local food vs. regional food vs. food from far far away here.

Who are your farmers?

Our farmers are local folks committed to producing quality food in a sustainable, humane way. Some of our family farmers specialize in one crop. Others grow dozens of different crops, or raise pastured chickens, pigs, cows, and steers. They’re all about what’s good for you and good for the planet. Get to know them when you place your weekly order — just click on each menu item to learn who grew it and where.

Learn more about Seasonal Roots’ farmers here.

Who are your artisans?

Our artisans are people in the community who specialize in your favorite farmers market fare. They include coffee roasters, bakers, bee keepers and tofu makers. These talented craftspeople offer something for everyone – from locally-supplied coffee, chocolate and Kombucha to gluten-free and vegan options. Get to know them when you place your weekly order — just click on each menu item to learn who made it and where.

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Health & Safety Protocol

How have things changed since the pandemic?

Along with everyone else, we’re saddened by the devastating impact the pandemic has had on our community and world. In these challenging times, we’re grateful to continue supporting our partners who go above and beyond, as well as being of service to our members who put their trust in us to deliver fresh food to their homes. A special thanks to our team for their unwavering commitment to the health, safety and well-being of our community.

What is your current health and safety protocol?

Seasonal Roots exists to cultivate a community that not only eats better, but lives better too. Your health is the utmost priority to us. During this time, we remain fully transparent about what we do to proactively keep both our team and our members safe and healthy. So far, we have taken the following steps:

  • Reinforced training on effective handwashing, handling, and use of personal protective equipment
  • Implemented heightened sanitation practices in The Hub, our packing facility
  • Instructed team members to stay home if they are not feeling well
  • Implemented no-contact deliveries – Market Managers leave orders where requested and for now, refrain from socializing with individuals (although there is less contact, they are still available to help answer any questions)
  • Encouraged members to leave out coolers to further limit food exposure
  • Communicated consistently with our trusted local farmers and artisans

How does your protocol compare to a grocery store?

Seasonal Roots has a short supply chain from farmer to your home. We want you to take comfort in knowing that our system requires much less handling than what you’d find in a traditional grocery store or grocery delivery service. We continually monitor guidance from the CDC to inform our policies and procedures so we may continue to build healthier, happier homes and communities.

Have another question? We’re happy to answer any additional questions you may have. For potential members, please email hello@seasonalroots.com, or call us at 833-524-0954. For current members, please email support@seasonalroots.com.