Saunders Brothers Orchard
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Saunders Brothers Orchard

Piney River, VA
Saunders Brothers Orchard

Since 1915 when brothers Sam, Dick, Doc, Will, and Massie formed a partnership, family has been at the center of the business. The brothers stood for integrity, morality, and honesty. Business deals were made with a handshake or by a man’s word.

On much of that same land, the family tradition continues. It’s carried on by Sam’s son Paul and his family: sons Tom, Bennett, Jim, and Robert, and grandchildren Marshall, Annie, and James.

Over the years, the Saunders family has been growing and perfecting their orchards. Their goals: improve sustainability and produce the tastiest fruit varieties around. Fruit trees sprawl across 200 rolling acres. Wind turbines help keep the peaches warm in early spring. An irrigation system ensures water reaches every tree while recapturing runoff.

These environmentally friendly farming practices, and more, sustain the soils and streams, ensuring the Saunders can keep on growing the crops we love for years to come.

Saunders Brothers Orchard Provides:
apples • cherries • nectarines • peaches - donut, white, and yellow • pears
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We believe in our relationship with Seasonal Roots because we believe in providing local tree fruits to customers who demand freshness, quality, superior flavor, and stewardship of our environment.