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Hanover, VA

Anne and Chuck Geyer met while researching berry production at the University of Maryland. In 1982, they went to work on a 60-acre berry farm in Westmoreland County, where they raised three children along with the berries.

In 2008, the Geyers moved to Hanover County to start their own berry farm, Agriberry. Today, Anne, Chuck, their adult children, and extended family all work together to make Agriberry a fruitful operation.

For the better part of four decades, the Geyers have been farming with the future in mind. They’ve been good stewards of their land, practicing sustainable, honest farming. And every summer they hire local teens so the kids can get hands-on experience in the field, understand where their food comes from, and figure out if a future in farming is right for them.

Meanwhile, their yummy, antioxidant-rich harvests are keeping berry lovers of all ages healthy and happy.

Agriberry Provides:
apricots • blackberries • blueberries • cherries • raspberries • strawberries
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As members of this community, we’re committed to increasing local consumption of nutritious seasonal fruit. We support a wide variety of local food programs and charities. And we work to create local job opportunities, especially for young first-time workers.