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Westmoreland Produce

Warsaw, VA
Westmoreland Produce

In the beginning Westmoreland Produce was just Arnulfo and Rosa Medina, four acres, and zero heavy machinery. The farm work got done with small hand tools and large amounts of elbow grease.

That was 1989. A hard way to start but as the seasons passed, the Medinas learned more about farming. They also acquired 120 more acres and bigger farm equipment. And their four children grew up and joined the family business.

Today, they all believe in being good stewards of their land. Drip irrigation waters without waste and rotating crops protects soil fertility. They plant weekly then allow the produce to fully ripen, maximizing nutrition and flavor before harvesting. The family still handles all the farm work themselves, including hoeing weeds by hand instead of using herbicides.

The result is fresh, ripe produce that tastes better and is better for you while maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Westmoreland Produce Provides:
arugula • cabbage • corn • eggplant • melons • peppers • root vegetables • squash • tomatoes
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Our family believes in being good stewards of the land. We love growing heritage produce in a sustainable way that enriches the soil and the people it feeds. And we’re so grateful we can connect with customers who care about the same things we do.