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Amelia, VA
Authenticity Farms

We love how Authenticity’s pasture-raised hens enjoy outdoor access year-round, a much higher standard than cage-free or free-range. These pastured girls can do all the natural things that make chickens happy – grazing, pecking, scratching, and flying short distances in fresh air and sunshine. They naturally stay healthier, too. No antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides on this farm.

Grass (and nutritious alfalfa hay in winter) makes up 50% of their diet. The other half? They eat like birds: insects, worms (chickens are not naturally vegetarian, which is why those “100% vegetarian feed” claims aren’t necessarily a good thing), plus local, non-GMO grain.

Compared to an industrial-farmed egg, a pasture-raised egg is a true superfood. Richer flavor, highest quality protein, one-third less cholesterol, a quarter less saturated fat, and more vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids.

Humane, holistic farming comes naturally to Oliver Alexander, a second-generation farmer. And he and his wife Michelle are passing it on to future farmers with on-farm learning opportunities.

Authenticity Farms Provides:
pasture-raised eggs
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Our goal is to give families and restaurants access to nourishing, life-giving local foods. We do that by raising our hens in a healthy, humane way that allows them to have the best life possible. In return they give us the healthiest, tastiest eggs.