July 11, 2023

Sion House Farms

A family farm making a difference in all our lives!

Sion House Farms epitomizes the transformative impact of sustainable farming. Justin McKenney, his father Jack, and their devoted family are living off the land which has been in their family for over 100 years. By cultivating delicious and clean produce, they are providing our community with exceptional ingredients. Our Founder, Duane, wanted to share his recent experience at Sion House Farms.

As Justin forklifted pallets of beans packed only hours ago into our truck, I admired the neighboring green bean field. I couldn’t resist sampling the freshly harvested beans – they were incredibly sweet, juicy, and absolutely delicious right off the vine. Compared to what I found in the store just the other day, these beans surpassed my every expectation!

Image 1 – Justin McKenney loading green beans into our box truck. Image 2 – Unharvested green bean field.

Trey and I set out early Monday morning to collect those beans along with our red and green cabbages for this week’s deliveries. Our goal was to have it back at HQ by mid-day so our packing team could get a head-start at quality control and packaging, as it’s our commitment to provide you with the freshest and highest quality produce possible.


Justin harvested the beans Sunday afternoon, skillfully navigating around the rain and storms that had plagued the weekend in Rappahannock, to make sure those same beans were at your doorstep by Wednesday or Thursday. We talked briefly, but life on the farm means it’s always time to work, and Justin had pumpkins to harvest. His father Jack stepped in and took us on a quick tour of their impressive hydroponic greenhouses.

Image 3 – Outside the hydroponic greenhouses. Image 4 – Trey and Jack discussing irrigation. Image 5 – English cucumbers on the vine.

Their four greenhouses provide year-round tomatoes, English cucumbers, several lettuce varieties, and a tasty lettuce blend. Even more remarkable are their eco-friendly practices, like pollinating with bumble bees who happily buzzed around our heads as Jack led us through rows of red and green tomatoes. We also discussed how Sion House Farms is collaborating with agriculture experts from Virginia Tech to combat russet mites, ensuring the health of their crops without the need for harmful pesticides.

Image 6 – Tomatoes on the vine. Image 7 – What will eventually become their Lettuce Blend.

Currently, Justin and Jack are working and residing on 60 acres of the original 450-acre homestead just off banks of the Rappahannock River. At Seasonal Roots, one of our missions is supporting the incredible work that Jack and Justin, and other farmers like them, have accomplished by delivering their finest and freshest produce to your front door. Together, we are building a remarkable community that connects farmers, artisans, and all of you, our cherished members. It’s a collaboration we are immensely proud of.


Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.

Warm regards,


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