For the Love of Flour
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For the Love of Flour

Midlothian, VA
For the Love of Flour

Born to bake, Jen McGarry remembers “helping” her grandmother bake pies every Sunday morning. She’d climb up on a kitchen chair to reach the counter and her grandmother would give her pie dough scraps and a jar of jam. As little Jen earnestly crafted her own pint-sized pies, her love for all things flour began to blossom.

Jen’s grown up now and her kitchen is a licensed home bakery. Naturally she specializes in pies, plus decorated cakes and cookies and even DIY cookie decorating kits – she hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be a kid in the kitchen.

Her goal is to serve up simple but delicious freshly baked treats. Nothing artificial or overly processed. Just old-fashioned goodness that all our grandmothers would recognize.

For the Love of Flour Provides:
cakes • cookies • DIY cookie decorating kits • pies
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I believe life should be lived lovingly, healthfully, and last but not least, joyfully. So my motto is: There’s always room for dessert!