Flour Garden Bakery
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Flour Garden Bakery

Richmond, VA
Flour Garden Bakery

The Flour Garden Bakery team has been handcrafting artisan breads and pastries since 2003. Richmond’s highest-rated restaurants rely on them for everything from crusty breads to fluffy rolls, from wholesome multi-grains to treats for your sweet tooth. And so does Seasonal Roots.

No preservatives go into their baked goods, so it’s all baked from scratch daily. Led by Jeff Plemons, the team’s dedicated bakers are up before the sun.

They use original recipes, high-end ingredients, and time-tested techniques to bake up the freshest, tastiest breads and more.

Flour Garden Bakery Provides:
fresh-baked breads • baguettes • rolls • buns • pastries
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Baking is an ancient practice that’s both science and art. You have to know your ingredients and how they interact, even how the weather affects them. And then it comes out of the oven and it’s hard to believe that something that smells and tastes so good can be so good for you.