April 25, 2023

Old Way Farm

The pandemic caused many people to reevaluate their priorities and consider new possibilities for their future. For Jon and his family, it was the push they needed to make their dream of starting a farm a reality.

Jon had spent the last 20 years living in the city and working a desk job as a chemical engineer in Richmond. But he always felt a strong connection to nature and yearned for a simpler way of life.  One of the many reasons Jon was inspired to start a farm was because of his own health issues. He had been dealing with G.I. problems and started to research where his food came from and the pesticides used on grocery store produce. As he learned more, he became increasingly concerned about the impact that modern agriculture was having on the environment and his family’s health.

Jon’s interest in sustainable farming began during his college years, when he worked in a restaurant that emphasized farm-to-table cuisine. At that time, the concept was just starting to gain popularity, but it left a lasting impression on him. 

In 2021, Jon and his family finally made the move to the countryside and established their own farm in King William County, VA. The farm quickly became a labor of love for all of them. They spent long days clearing the land, and learning as much as they could about sustainable farming practices. They’ve been growing red clover and other flowers to help prepare the soil for vegetables. 

Old Way Farm currently offers a range of meats including chicken, turkey, lamb, and pork. As they look towards the future, they have plans to expand their production even further! Learn more about Old Way Farm on their website, here


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