March 17, 2022

Chef Steve Glenn Live Cooking Event

View the video from the Live Cooking Demo

We were happy to see that so many members and non-members were able to join us in Chef Steve’s Virtual Dinner Party. It was a large group and we loved the participation.

We appreciate that Chef Steve shared his expertise in taking us through his recipe – Crispy Skinned Salmon, Herbed Pappardelle with Seasonal Vegetables in a Creole Cream Sauce. As a Chef, he knows through experience the importance of fresh quality ingredients to ensure the best flavor. We enjoyed cooking along side with him to prepare this recipe and learning some general cooking tips along the way.

Click here to watch Chef Steve Glenn’s cooking demo.

Please see below for the recipe and here’s a few tips for the best results:

  • You want a nice brown on the surface of the salmon skin to make it crispy when searing. You can finish in the oven at 350-400 degrees for about 10 minutes, but keep an eye on it. While many people choose to remove the skin from the fish it is considered by others to be the best part when nice and crispy.
  • When cooking down vegetables, start with what’s going to take the longest to cook. In this recipe, it’s the green peppers and kale.
  • Your pasta water should be salted to more or less “taste like the ocean.” Fresh pasta does not take as long to cook as the boxed variety so check it often until al dente.
  • Be sure to taste your food along the way – you’ll get some extra joy out of the process and also get a sense for whether the flavors are coming together as you like.

About Chef Steve

A native of Richmond, Steve Glenn, Jr., found his calling to cuisine after being inspired by his nana’s cooking. Steve was just 21 when he entered the reality cooking competition, “Hell’s Kitchen” finishing in the top 5! In recent years, Steve worked in the field of culinary arts while honing his skills as Executive Sous Chef at Richmond Country Club before deciding to venture out on his own as a personal chef.

Feel free to click on the image and download the recipe for future reference.


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