Salsas Don Sebastian
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Salsas Don Sebastian

Richmond, VA
Salsas Don Sebastian

Salsa is an easy, yummy way to boost your veggie intake while lighting up your tastebuds – especially when it’s freshly made using truly authentic recipes.

Venezuelan-born America DeLoach discovered a whole new world of salsas when she married her husband, who grew up in Mexico. She loved the flavors of his grandmother’s salsa recipes so much she launched a company, named it for their son Sebastian, and proudly started sharing those family recipes with the rest of us.

The salsas and dips America makes are a mix of science and art, striking just the right balance between the ingredients. Those include sustainably grown vegetables she gets from local farmers whenever they’re in season. Unlike mass-produced salsas, America’s have no added sugar or preservatives. Fresh veggies have plenty of natural sugars. Her salsas are also gluten free.

Whether you’re craving a condiment, a base for a meal, or delicious sides like black beans and pinto beans, America brings so much to our tables with her outstanding Latin flavors!

Salsas Don Sebastian Provides:
chimichurri • pico de gallo • red salsas • salsa verde • savory dips
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My small batches of authentic Mexican salsas and dips are very different from industry-made salsas. They’ve been shipped from who knows where and then sit on the grocery store shelf for who knows how long. I make salsa today and the next day it’s in your fridge.