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PREMIUM ITEMS for your basket

EAT BETTER LIVE BETTER NEWSLETTER / March 26, 2019 Tips, hacks, recipes, stories, and the weekly special all help you eat better live better with fresh local food! Read the newsletter below, or view this issue as a printable PDF with clickable links.

Get $20/20 VISION…

…and not just by eating carrots EAT HEALTHIER AND SAVE $20! When new members sign up, if they tell us you referred them, we’ll add $20 to your Seasonal Roots account. And we’ll give them a $20 credit, too! Feel free to tell your friends and family about this easy way to save money, eat […]

Ginger and turmeric

They’re good for your health and this local family farm – By the Seasonal Roots Veggie Fairy Team: Ginger and turmeric are both ancient spices known for fighting inflammation and boosting your immune system. Ginger is also an old-time remedy for nausea. Best of all, they do it all with amazing flavor — from ginger’s […]

Organic vs sustainable vs local — which is best?

Organic vs sustainable vs local — which is best? – By the Seasonal Roots Veggie Fairy Team: We get this question pretty much daily: “So are your farms Certified Organic?” When people ask that, we totally get where they’re coming from. We all just want to eat nutritious, safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly food, but it’s not […]

This artisan makes convenient local food

You won’t find this “Truly Scrumptious” local food in the grocery store but it’s just as convenient – By the Veggie Fairy Team There’s more than one way to eat your local veggies — and you don’t necessarily have to go to the trouble of cooking them up yourself. That’s because local produce is also […]