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Got a picky eater? Try these healthy recipes

Three easy healthy recipes for picky eaters, whether or not they’re kids! Got a picky eater? Whether your picky loved one is a kid or a grown up, here are three easy recipes to help picky eaters of all ages eat more spinach, kale, and sweet potatoes, plus other veggies… with or without their knowledge. […]

Heirloom Tomato Pizza

  As someone who eats seasonally, you want to be an adventurous eater and try it all. Maybe some things like heirloom cherry tomatoes have proven their place in your meal plan, but things like fennel and turnip, not so much. Often, when a veggie turns us off, it’s because we had a bad experience […]

Celebrate Vegetables

– By Duane, Head Veggie Fairy I remember the first time I experienced Brussels sprouts in the field. I found myself in a fantasy world full of stalks that extended above my head, with beautiful leaves of purple and green. AND I was given a knife and allowed to harvest them myself! What more could […]

Make it an Easter to remember

EAT BETTER LIVE BETTER NEWSLETTER / April 17, 2019 Tips, hacks, recipes, stories, and the weekly special all help you eat better live better with fresh local food! Read the newsletter below, or view this issue as a printable PDF with clickable links.

Local food takes the guilt out of guilty pleasures

Case Study: Red Cap Patisserie – By the Veggie Fairy Team When you buy local food, your money stays in your community instead of going to some faraway corporate headquarters. Buy local food and your dollars create jobs at local farms, food distribution systems like Seasonal Roots, and food artisans like Red Cap Patisserie, which […]